Teaching Activities


At the University of Tübingen, Germany:




Winter semester 2011 to 2013 and 2015

Laser physics and applied optics

Winter semester 2013

Laser cooling and quantum gases

Summer semester 2013 and 2015

Quantum optics

Summer semester 2011 and 2012

Quantum optics with an exercise course


Exercise courses, seminars and laboratory courses:


Summer and winter semester 2012

Laboratory course: Laser beams

Summer semester 2009 and 2010

Laboratory course: Advanced lab course

Winter semester 2008 to 2010

Seminar: Special topics in atom optics

Winter semester 2007

Exercise course: Physics III

Summer semester 2007

Exercise course for experimental physics VI

Summer and winter semester 2008 to 2016 Student lab tours: Quantum optics and laser physics
At the University of Vienna, Austria:

Winter semester 2002 to 2005

Exercise course: Quantum optics